Redeem Your Voucher

We will fix your headlight, taillight, brake light, or turn signal light for free! Simply bring your voucher to any participating auto repair center.

Everyone Benefits


About Lights On!

It started as a simple idea with the power to make a significant impact.

A broken taillight or turn signal can mean choosing between a minor auto repair and buying groceries for the family. It can also spark a downward economic spiral that for some yields multiple tickets, confrontations with law enforcement, and even vehicle impoundment.

How does Lights On! help? Police officers hand out vouchers to drivers with burned-out headlights, taillights, brake lights, or turn signals. The recipients can then redeem those vouchers for free repairs at any participating auto service provider. This solution has the potential to disrupt the downward spiral and build goodwill between police departments and the communities they serve.

Ready to get with the program?

“Having dependable transportation is pivotal to moving out of poverty. Service vouchers are a simple solution that give people the opportunity to maintain steady transportation so they’re able to stay employed, stay afloat and stay connected to their community.”
— Don Samuels, MicroGrants CEO